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Best Answer I Can Give
 Went to Tom's Mom Funeral Saturday. Good old Catholic one. About a hour long. Talk about being BORED.
Now I'm sitting there watching this priest, BORED, and get to thinking, We are nothing but a bunch of puppets.
Please stand. You now may be seated. Please stand. You now may be seated. 4 FRICKEN TIMES.  The priest was pulling our strings.
Then looking at the priest I got to thinking, This guy is a dancer.
Every move he made was a dance move. Stand here. Raise your arms like this. Light this candle. Drink the wine this way. All dance moves.
Yes I was really BORED.

 How much are we "The Puppet"?
BAR pulls our string, we move.
We are given Dance moves. All Day Long. Pull it in. Weigh it. Plug in this. Unplug it now. Check this. Check that.

 The real power. The real reason is the power. Brown makes less than $200 K a year? BUT LOOK AT THE POWER. The strings he pulls and we move to his will.
BAR pulls our strings we move.
Maybe we have a softer, kinder BAR. But years back a BAR guy didn't show up and not tell you how much power he has over you. "One push of a button and I could shut you down" It was " I will just RED TAG this machine."  POWER.

 My problem with this is. The Puppet Master, makes it possible to make mistakes. When those mistakes are made, the Puppet Master will not take responsibility for those mistakes.
We make mistake because the Puppet show has flaws. The string puller never do. Just us puppets.

 Life will give you rope. It will give you enough to make a ladder to pull yourself up, or an noose to hang yourself with.
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