The facts of life, us and them.

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The facts of life, us and them.


Looking over the irrational, nightmarish, big brother gets
bigger plot, code name STAR. That was hatched by the BAR
and it's cohorts. I have to ask myself just how far removed
from the facts of life "Government employees" are. We know that the
"queen of the silver dollar" Sherry Mehl. Hasn't had a broken
fingernail in her life and doesn't have the slightest idea how to check
timing or any feeble grasp of mechanics at all. The only bright spot
here is that she was removed from power. Funny how the whole story of
her demise wasn't included in the last BAR news letter.You know
the one that lists every smog shop, the name of the tech, there address
what fines they paid for any slight mistake they might have made. Yet
princess Sherry does not have her dirty laundry hung out to dry. Not a
peep about her dastardly deeds. No mention of her address. No public
shame or dishonor to her name...Why no, she is not a blue collar
Smog tech, she and all BAR employees are above there own laws.

(Yes BAR I am talking about YOU)

Its very easy to prove Smog techs are not perfect since no human is
perfect. What is hard for me to grasp is how the BAR finds so many
perfect humans to employ. There are hundreds of BAR employees and every
one of them has reached human perfection. The BAR needs to explain to
the industry how to find perfect humans! Now this is information we

You remember when the DMV screwed up and put smog notices on some cars
that did not need to be smoged and the techs were supposed to filter
through the DMV screw up. I was told by the BAR that if I smoged one
of the cars that I would have to refund the customers money. The DMV
jacks up and WE are liable, again only state employees are above there
own law.

What was the persons name that made the screw up. What is his address.
How many thousands of dollars in fines did he AND his supervisor pay?
Why didn't we see it in the BAR newsletter? There name, position?

How many times has your machine, shop, or your personal license been
stopped from doing smogs by the BAR? By a mistake of a state employee?
I bet many people had to laugh at that. But where are the thousand
dollar fines. What was the name of the person that screwed you around
with there lack of human perfection.

How is it that we have no rights. How is it that everything is our
fault? How is it that Drug dealers have better and cheaper access
to the criminal justice system than a low life Smog Tech does? Why
are we always wrong when we have a disagreement with the BAR. If we
do choose to disagree with the system we have to PAY FOR COSTS OF
PROSECUTION? You could be a serial killer and not face such unfair
one sided injustice.

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Re: The facts of life, us and them.

@M i always read your comments cause they are all always the same way i feel , We need to tell the people of the state of california that there are perfect humans up at BAR (they might be interested to know how they got that way ) and all the unfairness and injustices and crap that BAR throws on us . Good work , I love to read your posts .
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Re: The facts of life, us and them.

Thank you very much karuptrogueouttacontrol. I like to read your posts as well.
I hope we can all get together and support this site, spread the word so we can
as last have some say in our professorial lives instead of beaning shoved around
by pencil pushing bureaucrats. I am dam tired of it.

Lets get together and stop the BAR!
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Re: The facts of life, us and them.


this is how the STAR program will be
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Re: The facts of life, us and them.

BARats that is a great way to look at how we are on the structure of the state of california.  What they don;t know is they shorted to ground and now we have to replace the wiring harness!!  Lets get rid of all these ignorant pricks at BAR!  I had a shop owner tell me today he called BAR Engineering to ask a question the engineer was laughing at the shop owner during the entire conversation.  And at the end said why are you worried when in 5 years we will replace all smog techs! Lets make BAR feel like they made us feel!!