The irony of the license restructure fiasco.

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The irony of the license restructure fiasco.


The BAR, under the shameful, failed, Nazi style rein of dictator Sherry
Mehl. Decided in typical detracted self-serving fashion that smog shops
were making to much money. The interest's of the people could be better
served by letting anybody that can pass a two week training course smog
Cars. This would lower the cost of doing smogs and I would assume raise
the quality of smogs since Techs with A6 A8 L1 many with AA degrees and
boat loads of update classes AND risking there means of making a living
can't do smogs to the satisfaction of the state of California. BUT
people with no background, very little education and nothing to lose
are going to do better.

The economy is so bad now that many shops are doing 14 dollar smogs.
The State making more than half as much as the shop makes, but yet
doesn't see there $8.25 to be an issue. Many of these shops are just
making it. After YEARS and YEARS and thousands and thousands of dollars
in equipment and training there are charging to much, so say the BAR.
The BAR came out with its answer to this site by threatening to
centralize testing if the Star BS was not implemented. Now this should
really, really get you ROTFL.

So the government is going to take over the smog program. Build brand
new central testing centers. Train there own people which are perfect
in every way. NEVER make a single mistake on any smog. Pay the Techs
State wages, medical, dental, retirement, vacations, holidays off. Pay
one person to watch 5 smog techs then pay someone to watch the ones
that watch the smog techs. Buy all brand new top of the line test
equipment, maintain it in perfect shape, offer free retests AND charge
15 dollars for a Smog test. ROTFLMAO

Not only that but how about the consumer. When the consumer complains
about the Smog shop what happens? The BAR comes out and goes through
every little detail of every word written on every invoice and tries its best
to screw the shop or the Tech over. Now what would happen if the government
was doing smogs and got a consumer complaint? I dare say it would be like
making a complaint at the DMV. If you don't like it sue the Government and
if you don't leave they will call the cops and press charges.

How about over bearing future taxes that will be tacked on to the Smog check.
Just like the DMV where the State knows you have to have a car so they add
and add and add Taxes and fees that have NOTHING to do with Vehicle
registration till its difficult to afford to drive a car because your DMV fees go
to run state governments. Then we will have LATE SMOG TEST FEES, 14 dollar
smog reinstatement fee. Like we do with the DMV.

I can see it now.The Smogs start at more then the consumer is paying now,
then add to that. Low income fee $3:00. Hospital bond tax 35 cents. Road
assessment fee $5:00 Low income Auto repair $6:00 Buy back program $3:00
Soon after a tire, windshield, windshield wiper, brake and lamp, seat belt,
endless BS added on till you need a new car to pass the Smog test.
till we have yet another huge money sucking bureaucracy like DMV.  
Then the Governor makes and announcement that smog fees are going to
double because the state is broke...Ya, put that to a public vote.
You scum sucking BAR rats

The Government itself is not capable of doing what it wont's us to do in a good
economy. Much less is this going to happen in the biggest recession in
the last 55 years. The only thing that will happen is the State of California
screwing over the working class and the consumer with over regulation and
red tape finger pointing while it builds another huge money sucking department
doing Smog checks that it screwed the working class out of.

We draw the line in the sand.
We back up no further, Screw you BAR
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Re: The irony of the license restructure fiasco.

As a instructor I can not understand how I am going to tell my students that now they have to retake state exams and get ASE certifications in order to keep their smog license.  Instead to going after drug dealers and killers they keep attacking us!!
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Re: The irony of the license restructure fiasco.

 thats because , they believe we belong to them , because they gave us a licence it is BS , we studied we passed courses we paid here paid there bought our own equipment , bought more new equipment , took update courses , and now they are looking for a way to take all this away from us , hence the smog technician that will be making 6 dollars an hour.  No one has ever told them to back off, enough is enough , this star program is an evil trap in the makings .Even the most skilled technician 20 years plus still manages to get a citation now and then , SO what happens next ? YOur shop is prevented from testing any directed vehicles for a year ! That is long enought to Not pay your lease , your employees etc hence OUT OF BUSSINess , doesn't any one but me see this ?
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Re: The irony of the license restructure fiasco.

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@k   exactly, thats how i feel about the STAR program. I myself have a 98 score. Picture everyone around you not being STAR certifield. that means all the cars comes to you, which is a good thing....until you make a mistake.....