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Why are we to blame

just another shop owner
  The air is not clean. A true statement. Why is it not clean?
Nobody will say I screwed up. Blame the other guy.
The guy who says I never clean piped a car, BULL, just how many. And when was the last time.

Do what the BAR will not do. Take some of the blame.
 The BAR is perfect, just ask. Then why do we do up dates, and then the up dates are wrong.
If you don't buy both books yearly you are a fool. The BAR teaches go to the book, well the books are wrong. I always buy the new books, I buy both.

  The test is wrong, no idle. The fact that a car parked in a different zip code gets a different test is wrong. Idle and 2500 RPM what a joke. 15 and 25 MPH in drive what a joke and then no idle. This test is done in areas where cars idle more than they drive at rush hour.

 Up date classes what a joke. Check the O2 sensor that's all we hear, no Check it and then check it on a Dyno. What is the O2 doing as you are going down the road.

The fact that we don't know what the RPM is on a boarder line vehicles. Do I shift or not? All that info should be on the screen 90% of test were done at this RPM and speed, if you can't, send it to the ref.
What cars do you evap? The rule always was if you had to get on the ground to test you did not do it, IE Volvo, Ford, and Dodge vans, rear canisters GM cars.

 Where is the speed limit sign? If you are breaking the rules you are breaking the law. POST those rules. As it is right now the rules are made up as they go along.
We all know they can't because of the variablity of those rules. Vehicles in cooler test areas and higher affluance will fail less. A well maintained car is a clean car.
The idea that you can appeal a STAR denial tell me it has faults. What ever happened to the facts? Worse than little kids. Make up the rules as we go along.

 WE are GOD we can make you or break you. Well God can be wrong, he made woman.

If this program goes the way it is the air will get worse. OBD test are wrong. I'm glad the BAR is not my Doctor, when I have a heart attack. Well lets look at this number hook up a lead and tell him how his health is. NO stick his butt on a tread mill, make the heart work, hook up several leads, and sure as hell don't let a kid with very little training do it.

 The reason We did not get STAR I feel is We help and educate our customers. Sir the car will not pass with the check engine light on. If you were a ass and didn't care you get your STAR.
What is right about that?

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Re: Why are we to blame

Nicely put.Like the last part about mil being on and fixing it first.I like people and want to try and help as much as I can.Thats the fault most of us have.We arent the assholes running cars cold so we can screw the customer on unneeded repairs.We fail what fails.If a car fails emissions we actually check the timing instead of just failing it like star qualified does.We do a full visual inspection instead of failing various items without checking them like star qualified.We all know these people and these are the people bar wants testing cars.What a joke.I see so many crooks doing star right now.I just laugh.All we can do is do the job right.I sleep good at night and feel good about myself if I died today.And im sure most of you guys do too.It sounds like most people on this board do a pretty sharp job inspecting vehicles and arent new techs.I think the tide will turn here real soon.I didnt see this type of outrage when test only was started.We bitched and moaned but we all figured out how to make it work for EVERYBODY.I just have to believe it was the test and repair stations who were pushing for star all along.They didnt like having comebacks from test only.Now they can just pass it whether they fixed it right or not.And they all have high fpr scores cause all they tested was late model vehicles and not many cars in general.It could be a good 2 years before their fprs dont qualify.Test only is going to be 2 years before most qualify under current standards.Hope they dont last that long though.A 2 year hiatus isnt optimal for anyone.And by the way I took the lame ass Bar employment exam.It said i passed for program I rep.All i have to do is wait for an opening and send my app.Then I can be on the inside.Highly unlikely but you never know.They need someone with some real world experience not the out of date bums they have.Well alot of em are(;.